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Just a Few Spell Songs

by kemin

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I believe in you And you should, too! You can do whatever You’re tryin’ to do!
Earth Tremor 00:22
You feel that rumblin'? You feel that shake? I know this tremblin' is gonna knock ya on yer face.
There’s a cloud there, Of spinning daggers. And if you stay there You’ll start to stagger— Spinning end over end— They’re my unrelenting hazard.
Piercing and quick, My tongue—with a flick Will cut you right down.
Touch of a feather, Twist of the tongue— Hideous laughter the giggles will come!
Hey, there, high in that tree, Fly on down to me. Take my brief message, please, And make this delivery.
Light 00:29
Hey It's dark There's no moon out tonight Hey It's dark I guess I'd better cast light
Thunderclap 00:30
Rollin' over you Rollin' over you Rollin' over you with my thunderclap
Healing Word 00:31
I can see you need relief So I'll try to be brief Hear my healing song And let it sing 'til you are strong
I've got this ability to help me blend in Firbolgs pass knowledge down onto their kin
Blade Ward 00:33
I need protection In case of danger I trace a sigil with my finger
Knock 00:28
When my crew needs through A door or two I knock You see well I'm not rude I remove my Birkenstocks
Detect Magic 00:31
Is it mundane or is it magical? Is it mundane or is it magical? We can find out, which is radical! Is it mundane or is it magical?
I'll whisper straight into your mind Pure agony will send you running to hide
Invisibility 00:23
this invisibility will temporarily grant you safety.
if you need a little guide who will flit right by your side: find familiar if you need a smallish friend to converse with ’til the end find familiar over land or through the air, we’ll become a bonded pair when you need a little reach to cast a spell with touch/speech find familiar and if you need a peek inside you can use familiar eyes find familiar
Fey spirits, come and help me out, gonna conjure animals now!
Hidden Step 00:32
on your left on your right, man take a step outta sight
cover your ears if ya don’t wanna hear me break the news to you: i’ve got necrosis ready to toll— decay chimes at noon!
Let my shimmering trance Waltz a dazzling dance Right into your thinker… Psychedelic lance.
I'm gonna cast dimension door and I'll get there for sure. (I'm sure I will!) But it's not wise when you can't see the other side...
for you, it'll be tragic when you're surrounded by my synaptic static
Fey magic In the air Playful Mischief How unfair
Shadow Blade 00:25
Woven shadows Braided blade of shade Feel my sorrow, gloom, and pain.
Thorn Whip 00:20
With a flick of my wrist, like this! I can draw your blood And when I heave you back towards My five foot square You're in for it!
Hey Feels like it's been days Can you hear the healing wave Coming your way Dig it, babe
Let me enchant you a bit It's automatic Suddenly you're a gyration fanatic Come cut a rug for me Under Otto's magic Wanna see you get that frolic It's enticing; it's beguiling; It's irresistible dance
Song of Rest 00:35
Please take a moment: Breathe in, breathe out, let's rest. Heartbreak, exhaustion: Breathe in, breathe out, let's rest.


This album contains the spell songs of the firbolg for the Bardic Mystery Tour podcast. It will grow as he learns and uses more spells, so keep checking back!


released May 25, 2020

songs by emi eisenfeld


all rights reserved



Bardic Mystery Tour Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We're a band of bards solving mysteries when we're out on tour. We promise that you won't get bored. It's the Bardic Mystery Tour! (Liveplay 5e DnD Podcast.)

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