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Sammy Stoneslinger's Spell Songs​!​!​!

by Sammy Stoneslinger

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Through good and bad times until the bitter end. I've got your back and I know you've got mine, my friend. And the next time when things are looking dim I know you'll do you best and overcome challenge.
It's not a spell it's an ability (Don't you know! Don't you know!) And I'll use it to help Grundledore (Or Flo! Or Flo!) Don't you know!
My words could horrify you My words will bring on strife When you set yourself against me My words will cut like a knife
Cure Wounds 00:23
I know I'm coming over (baby) I know that you're hurtin' (baby) You'll make it through (safely) I'll cure your wounds (greatly)
Charm Person 00:16
Friends stay together Friends are forever You and I... we're not friends You and I...we're just pretend Charm Personv
You want some pain!? I'll give it to you, mister! I'm in your head with some Dissonant Whispers!
Kids on the school yard couldn't be so mean. I'm in your head now with that Vicious Mockery.
Something you can see. Something you cannot touch. It's a trickery, But it just fools chumps.
Detect Magic 00:13
You can't see it and that's tragic, But I can with Detect Magic.
Knock 00:23
I'm knocking at your door. I'm knocking at your door. I'm knocking at your door, so you'd better let me in.
Longstrider 00:15
When the going gets tough, and you're not that tall, just cast this spell, and you'll race 'em all. Longstrider!
From the depths of my imagination: Phantasmal Force
Clairvoyance 00:36
I sing a song when I just can't see An invisible eye sends an image back to me I sing a song when I just can't hear I listen in with my invisible ear
Electricity's in the air You can feel the tension everywhere Sammy Stoneslinger on the attack Coming after you with a thunderclap
Can you feel it in the air? It's electric everywhere Sammy don't need no baseball bat Coming after you with a thunderclap
Cover your ears You've got to protect your hearing Sammy Stoneslinger's gonna be loud Sammy Stoneslinger casts thunderclap
Major Image 00:22
Can't trust your eyes I'm inside your simple mind You feel what I fabricate Major image to manipulate
Magic spark Extinguished flame Cleaning Crew Prestidigitation Warm Coffee Add coloration Magic mark Prestidigitation
Allies Of Light, take up your weapons and drive evil from this land (Allies of Light) In the name of Garl Glittergold (Allies of Light) take up the Crusader's Mantle
Tiny Servant 00:31
We all need some help sometimes It's no surprise The best kind of help always comes From the little guys
Psionic Blast
Through strength of mind I'll knock you on your ass Psionic Blast
Magic Stone 00:14
Powerful if slung or thrown Enchanted Magical Stone
Your will is mine to design Control your mind all the time
You can't hold me down nets of snares I'll go around Slipping past with no incident When I cast Freedom of Movement
It's caustic or chilling or charring or crackling or cacophonous contagion pain from my chromatic orb
Song of Rest 00:23
Lay down your head. Go to sleep. Song of rest. Song of rest.


This album contains the spell songs of Sammy Stoneslinger for the Bardic Mystery Tour podcast. It will grow as Sammy learns and uses more spells, so keep checking back!


released May 27, 2018

lyrics & music by brayton batson
(photo by johnny mckane)


all rights reserved



Bardic Mystery Tour Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We're a band of bards solving mysteries when we're out on tour. We promise that you won't get bored. It's the Bardic Mystery Tour! (Liveplay 5e DnD Podcast.)

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