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Spell Songs by Flo

by Flo Calhoun

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I'm a bard! Won't you sit by my fire? I'm a bard! Let me pull out my lyre I'm a bard! and I'll surely inspire you!
With my tongue sharp as a dart I'm sure you'll fall apart. I'll use my wit to cut you down, and watch you hit the ground.
Charm Person 00:17
Will you be my friend? You must roll the die, and we'll find out then.
You should've named your band PAN-tera.
Healing Word 00:17
There are some words that I must tell... and as long as you can hear my spell it'll help you to feel well... Get better!
Cure Wounds 00:10
I'm clackin' on my leg with my two wooden spoons. I lay my hands on you, and I cure your wounds.
Bane 00:12
I unsheathe my pointed dagger— I prick myself and bleed. I'm the bane of your existence— You're now worse at hitting me!
I have a sliver of glass, And this spell that I cast Surrounds you (Or a point that I choose) With daggers— Spinning daggers— Knife safety's through for you!
Message 00:13
Got a message for you, And it's headed to your brain. You're not insane. It's just a message.
Mending 00:16
If it's just a tiny tear from misuse or a regular bear, I can fix it good as new so your dad'll be proud of you.
Invisibility 00:15
We need some answers, and we need to get inside. Invisibility— just a spell to help me hide.
Mage Hand 00:19
Five finger discounts; Extra high-fives all around; Tappin' Grungo on his shoulder while I am nowhere. —Mage Hand—
Tongues 00:16
I've got this miniature Tower of Babel and it'll help us to dip and to dabble in deep or in shallow conversation.
If you come across a menacing beast When you're heading North, South, West, or East... Call 1-800-THUNDER ((Kapow))
Fire Bolt 00:08
When you learn a new spell to build a zero match fire, ...but you find out it's a weapon from the town crier
I wanna ride I wanna ride I wanna ride that dinosaur What do you think... What else do you think... What else do you think that door could be for?
Hey, bud! How's it hangin'? I'll leaf you alone in a second— after I get to the root of my question.
Thunderwave 00:28
All it’ll take is a wave of my hands and this thunderous force will be too much to stand
Mislead 00:16
Now you see me, now you don't! In my position an illusory clone.
Alter Self 00:32
I need to getaway from myself and really just become someone else. for looks, or skills, or maybe just the thrill— I need to get away from myself.
They've got bumps, They're bruised, They're black and blue. I've got good news I choose, to cure you.
I wish I had a crossbow so I could send out lightning bolts. Watch out for this arrow 'cause it packs a billion volts!
Solo means something else When they strip you of your instruments Summon strings… From within… Let them sing!
Song of Rest 00:26
I was writing a song of rest and then I fell asleep. Each time that I sit down to write this song I fall asleep, and I swear that this is the last time and I won't fall asleep.


This album contains the spell songs of Flo Calhoun for the Bardic Mystery Tour podcast. It will grow as Flo learns and uses more spells, so keep checking back!


released May 27, 2018

lyrics & music by emi eisenfeld
(photo by visionpic)


all rights reserved



Bardic Mystery Tour Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We're a band of bards solving mysteries when we're out on tour. We promise that you won't get bored. It's the Bardic Mystery Tour! (Liveplay 5e DnD Podcast.)

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