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Windy's Spell Songs

by Bardic Mystery Tour

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Hey you, you're pretty cool And I think the world of you So let's take a drink and give it a think This time your aim should be true
I am rubber, you are glue. Everything you say bounces off me And sticks to you.
Prestidigi— Prestidigitation
The chill of steel An icy breath Daggers around your head Slashing at your neck
My words are poison Leaching into your soil You can't resist them No matter how you toil
Cure Wounds 00:31
You've got a grizzly cut there It's laying your bone quite bare But if you come over here I'll cure all your wounds don't you fear
Shatter 00:34
When I get really worked up, I make quite a clatter Stomping and raging about until we resolve the matter But when we reach the point of no return I'll end the argument definitively with a shatter
Wherever I go, nobody can see me I flit from here to there on the breeze Just as sneaky as a fox can be I'm a servant of the unseen variety
What is this thing I am holding in my hand A shadow or a hunting cap A peacock or a treasure map Whatever you might see it's just not true It's a minor illusion I made for you
Seeping out from all around I hear an unearthly sound A heavenly choir, a devilish band The chorus sweeps you away like the wind sweeps sand
Polymorph 00:21
The old fairy queen she turned him into a tree A slightly different change I will give to thee
Fey spirit Fey spirit Fey spirit come Be you fuming Or mirthful Maybe tricksy Come to me And destroy my enemies
Magic Missiles They'll cut right through Pew Pew Pew Comin' after you
I've got my magic missile ace It's gonna hit you in the face
Gaes 00:19
You will do what I say Or else you will surely pay When I see you in the flesh Watch out! I'm casting gaes
Mirror Image 00:15
Where the once was one There now are four Striking together Keeping me unhurt
What are you thinking in your head Are you contemplating what I just said I'm learning lots Detecting thoughts
Tongues 00:36
Parlez-vous français ? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? ¿Habla español? Do you speak Inganalian?
Acid Splash 00:27
Froth and bubble sputter and spew Acid splash Upon you
A sense of dread A shudder running down your back You really don't wanna be here no more
Welcome to my table fine Rest a while; drink some wine Let down your guard and settle in As I cast a mass suggestion
Enemies are all around us Waiting in the dark to strike Make the first move Win the fight You can't let you enemies get ahead Attack them first Kill them dead
Song of Rest 00:46
Sleep my child and rest with me Come lay beneath the willow tree Lay your head upon my lap and we shall take a little nap And when you wake we two shall go upon a merry adventure. so... sleep for now; dream of me beneath the flowing willow tree
We've spent all day wandering Putting our strength to the test Our paths have reached their end Out bodies are ready for rest Go to sleep Go to sleep We will do today again I will see you in the morning light Go to sleep Go to sleep Lay your head down on my lap Let dreams carry you away into the night


released June 15, 2020


all rights reserved



Bardic Mystery Tour Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We're a band of bards solving mysteries when we're out on tour. We promise that you won't get bored. It's the Bardic Mystery Tour! (Liveplay 5e DnD Podcast.)

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